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Kalyana Parisu
Release: 1959-04-09

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Kalyana Parisu [ 1959 ]


Kalyana Parisu

Posted by Major Torp

Rating  :  4.5

Year  :   1959

Duration  :   3h 14m

Baskar and Vasanthi are college-mates. A naughty girl creates misunderstanding between them, and an enraged Vasanthi complains to the college dean, who immediately dismisses Baskar. Now left homeless, Baskar however manages to get employed at a tea company, and gets to stay with his close friend Sampath. Vasanthi approaches Baskar and apologises for her cruel act. Baskar forgives her, and they both fall in love. Vasanthi lives with her mother and her elder sister Geetha who is unmarried. Baskar rents the vacant portion of their house. Over time, Vasanthi passes her exams and gets employed.

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