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Cry Wolf
Release: 2008-06-18

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Cry Wolf [ 2008 ]


Cry Wolf

Posted by Clement Powlowski

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   2008

Duration  :   2h 09m

Monique Alexander says she's been brutally violated, gagged and left for dead in a cold stone basement. Or was she? By wild luck, her ex-boyfriend hears her muffled cries and rescues her. Or does he? How did he know she was down there...naked, bleeding and violated? As this darkly sexual tale unfolds we are led to wonder...was she even hurt at all? If so, who is the culprit? The only thing we really know is that payback's a bitch. Literally. Cry Wolf is destined to become a classic in the Paul Thomas tradition of AVN Best Picture Classics. Hear the Cry. Now.

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